Mar 28, 2022
Sustainability at Gonana | Paternoster

Paternoster’s Address for Self-Reflection, Reconnection and Manifestation

So what’s in a name? Instead of appeasing Shakespeare, here’s our interpretation of the name, ‘Paternoster.’ To the Catholic Portuguese seamen shipwrecked along South Africa’s West […]
Jan 12, 2022
Local is lekker blog | simply bee & barrydale hand weavers towels at Gonana | Paternoster

“Buy Local Think Global” – Jonas Sandström’s Vision for Gonana

When Swedish entrepreneur and celeb Jonas Sandström visited South Africa all those years ago, he fell in love, cancelled his flight ‘home’ and bought a guesthouse […]
Nov 9, 2021
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Embracing People, Locals and Sustainability – That’s Gonana

Gonana has a ring to it; it certainly rolls nicely off the tongue, don’t you think? However, Jonas Sandström put plenty of thought into naming this […]
Jul 22, 2022

WomenStuff | Paternoster’s Gonana Guesthouse is the Epitome of Beachfront Paradise

JUL 19, 2022 | Article originally published here and written by Crystal Espin. The Western Cape has no shortage of pretty coastal towns, but I’m quite […]