Jan 5, 2024

Exploring Paternoster’s Surrounding Nature Reserves

Beyond the charm of our fishing village and its famous white-washed cottages, there is a world of natural wonders waiting for your eyes, ears and cameras […]
Dec 5, 2023

Fun in the Sun: Summer Activities for Children in Paternoster

The weather is peachy, the beach is lovely and we’re ready to welcome your family to Paternoster over the Summer months (November – March).  To those […]
Aug 7, 2023

Unveiling the Enchanting West Coast Flower Season in South Africa

Nature has an uncanny ability to paint breathtaking landscapes, and few places exemplify this as vividly as South Africa’s West Coast during its annual flower season. […]
Jul 22, 2022

WomenStuff | Paternoster’s Gonana Guesthouse is the Epitome of Beachfront Paradise

JUL 19, 2022 | Article originally published here and written by Crystal Espin. The Western Cape has no shortage of pretty coastal towns, but I’m quite […]
Jun 28, 2022


[March, 2021] I’d always been entranced by Paternoster, even though I had never been and knew almost nothing about it, except that it was up the […]
Jun 28, 2022

Grab your hot cross buns and head out of this city with these Easter getaways

While the Easter weekend is usually filled with hot cross buns and pickled fish, it’s also the perfect time to step away from the ordinary and […]
Jun 28, 2022

10 Winter Accommodation Specials in the Western Cape

[29 March 2022] With winter edging closer, only a really cosy spot might get you to leave your home. Understandable. Take advantage of these 10  Cape […]
Jun 28, 2022

Upping the ante – How to promote and encourage responsible and sustainable tourism

By Di Sparks, with original article found here. Despite the unprecedented setbacks that affected the tourism and hospitality trade in the past two years there is light at […]
Jun 17, 2022

5 Reasons to Stay at Off the Grid Gonana Guesthouse in Paternoster

(10 June 2022) The charming seaside town of Paternoster is a perfect place to head for a weekend getaway. Just a few hours’ drive from Cape […]
May 25, 2022

The Married Wanderers: Gonana Guesthouse in Paternoster

(April 18, 2022) We slipped away on a Friday afternoon to what we like to call the “Little Greece” of the Western Cape. White-washed cottages, blue seas and […]